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Breaking News: Data breach and possible class action

Things we know to have been in the data include the number of coins you held, what your main coin holding was and the estimated value of your coins as at August 2019, according to the liquidator.

You can now request copy of the data that was released in the High Court data breach and join the potential class action against the liquidator.

Background to the Claim

In April 2020, the High Court in Christchurch is alleged to have released confidential data on every account holder with coins in the Cryptopia exchange. The data in question had been provided to the court as an attachment to an affidavit the Liquidator made public when he loaded it onto his website.

The leak of confidential data constitutes a breach of Privacy Law in New Zealand. New privacy law just released in New Zealand brings with it new penalties and the obligations on agencies to maintain privacy have been well documented.

Our opinion is that this is negligence on behalf of the liquidator and his advisors and so we are preparing the potential for a class action against the liquidator and possibly his advisors.

The most likely class action claim would be one that focuses on negligence of the liquidator and possibly his advisors. Claim amounts would most likely rely on the penalties evidenced by claims under the Privacy Act. These penalties tend to start at around $5,000 per person and reach as much as $350,000 per person. For around 900,000 of the Cryptopia account holders even a payout of $2,500 would be a good result.

Steps to request your exposed data.

1. Register here on the Cryptopia Rescue site.

2. Select [request my data] once logged in and pay the total fee of €10.

3. Complete the appointment of Power of Attorney (this is specifically for requesting your data and any potential class action relating to this breach)

4. Complete the KYC requirements.

Once all forms are completed and KYC is checked your request will be sent to appropriate agencies holding your data. When your data is received back from the agencies, we will make it available for you in your logged in area. You will also be added as a claimant and beneficiary to any potential class action.

We will not ask for any other financial contribution to any class action, terms of agreement regarding any class action will be sent to you once we have built up any claim. There will be a time deadline on this if we choose to take a class action.

There will be a template questionnaire at some stage you will need to complete for the class action.

Cost is €10 plus 30% of any settlement from claim against the liquidator and their lawyers for breach of privacy or negligence claim.

Register here for claim for breach of privacy and for supply of personal data.

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