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Cryptopia Rescue is a group of seasoned professionals we are dedicated to ensuring that the rights of Cryptopia account holders are upheld. It is our opinion that the liquidators who have been appointed in New Zealand are not doing the right thing by many account holders.


The vast majority of Cryptopia customers are not in New Zealand. The way that the liquidation is being handled means any individual holder who is unhappy with the process and wants representation has no option but it pursue an expensive action through the New Zealand courts.


We are here to ensure that people who had coins with Cryptopia can get them back without any such action being required.

We have negotiated an arrangement with whereby all coins on the Cryptopia platform can be distributed. The liquidators currently have no way to return many of the alt coins.

If you had coins in a Cryptopia wallet we are your best bet at getting them back, join thousands of other Cryptopia account holders today.

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