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Cryptopia Rescue is a group of seasoned professionals we are dedicated to ensuring that the rights of Cryptopia account holders are upheld. It is our opinion that the liquidators who have been appointed in New Zealand are not doing the right thing by many account holders.


The vast majority of Cryptopia customers are not in New Zealand. The way that the liquidation is being handled means any individual holder who is unhappy with the process and wants representation has no option but it pursue an expensive action through the New Zealand courts.


We are here to ensure that people who had coins with Cryptopia can get them back without any such action being required.

We have negotiated an arrangement with whereby all coins on the Cryptopia platform can be distributed. The liquidators currently have no way to return many of the alt coins.

If you had coins in a Cryptopia wallet we are your best bet at getting them back, join thousands of other Cryptopia account holders today.

Accendos Group

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team is the backbone of Cryptopia Rescue. The Accendos Group experience will ensure that the Cryptopia account holders are represented.



A seasoned professional with solid expertise in developing and implementing strategic plans that support business transformation, drive improved asset value and mitigate operational risk.

Charley Harman.jpg


I am interested in helping the Cryptopia Rescue group as I am an account holder with a fairly substantial amount of digital currencies (at least for me it is) and have not been satisfied with the communication and/or the progress of the liquidators.  In addition, I am part of a group of crypto holders who are also concerned about the treatment they have received as well.



I have thirty years of local and international business experience in commercial and residential property  development as well as investment, finance, corporate governance, risk management and compliance.



An effective spokesperson, with commercial acumen, insightful contributor with a strong leadership record being a team player and mentor. Determined to listen, understand, plan and help other people and community.

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