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On the recommendation of our lawyers we are now making public a copy of the settlement proposal that was sent to Grant Thornton and giving you the option to accept this directly.


This proposal is designed to give account holders something rather than nothing. 


If you have managed to successfully get through the Grant Thornton process this offer may or may not be of any value to you.


If you failed to get through the Grant Thornton process you can still accept this offer and the buying group take on the risk of dealing with Grant Thornton so you have nothing to lose.


The offer is that Cogito, through their trustee company, Epic Trust Limited, will buy your coin holdings and any rights attached to them and pay you in Cog, the digital currency of Cogito. This offer is mostly targeted at small account holders.

If you have under $500 worth of coins in your Cryptopia account then Cogito will buy your coins for C500 (500 Cog. 1 Cog is equal in value to 1 euro) the offer of C500 is regardless of the value you have in your account, between $1 and $500.

If you wish to accept this offer then you need to do the click here for more information.

Time is of the essence as the court hearing for this matter is set down for 13th November 2023 in New Zealand and we would like to have as many of the account holders signed off as possible.

Important to note that as long as you have completed KYC and your Cryptopia address can be verified you will receive your Cog payment immediately, you do not need to wait any longer. In addition, you do not have to have passed the Grant Thornton process to accept this offer and be paid.

In summary, the actions and inactions of the liquidator, Grant Thornton, have raised significant concerns. Delays in communication and limited transparency in key decisions have complicated our efforts. With a large portion of account holders facing limited communication, and a low participation rate in the claims portal process, it's crucial to act swiftly. Notably, the release of a settlement proposal remains pending. Time is of the essence, and we must remain vigilant in seeking resolution. Your swift response and engagement are vital as we navigate this challenging situation.

We will do our best to keep you well informed as always, and once registered in Cogito we do have a helpdesk set up where we will endeavour to answer all questions. In addition, if we are getting common questions we will set up posts in the facebook group.

Here is your link to complete the agreement

Yours sincerely

T Cattermole
For Crypotia Rescue

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