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We exist to help Cryptopia account holders obtain their coins and secure their data. We feel that the liquidators in New Zealand are not doing a good job on behalf of account holders who have been legally declared as secured creditors.

We can't help people who don't give us permission to do so. If you want the representation we know you deserve this is the way to get it:

  1. Account holders that need to register are

    1. account holders that had no coins on the exchange, but require their previous trading history records or

    2. account holders that had coins on the exchange, regardless of value.

  2. Registration process.
    1. Register with Cryptopia Rescue. (you will need your previous Cryptopia registered email details)
    2. Follow the link then to register with Cogito Metaverse.
    3. Complete you KYC in Cogito Metaverse, (you will need at least one form of photo ID)
    4. You will have received C25 for registering and a further C50 for completing KYC. You may need to load E2 to E5 euro on account, and then pay C25 to Cryptopia Rescue as your total contribution to legal fees. (your total cost for all of this is less than 1 euro)
    5. In Cryptopia Rescue you may then need to update your status to show you have registered and contributed.


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