Millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency are being held on behalf of Cryptopia account holders by the liquidators in New Zealand.

They have no firm plan to distribute those coins.

The vast majority of account holders are overseas and have limited options to seek recourse unless they want to embark on expensive legal action.

Cryptopia Rescue is a collaboration between a group of seasoned professionals who have the experience and knowledge to help those unrepresented account holders get the representation they deserve.

Join thousands of other account holders today, take control of your data and get your coins back from Cryptopia.


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The mission of is to empower people from all over the world to trade cryptocurrencies with ease and confidence, from first-time traders to advanced trading professionals. With high liquidity, 24/7 multilingual support and dozens of trading pairs, complemented with a high level of security, we offer an attractive platform for trading any cryptocurrency. Within one year since launch, on average, our exchange has been visited by more than 500K active traders per month, and this number continues to grow as you read this sentence.



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Cogito is revolutionary. A principality that breaks traditional borders and is open to citizens from every country in the world. Is a safe place that brings together smart minds and is a haven for investors, businesses, non-profits, and governments.

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Accendos is a group of experienced professionals with the expertise and commitment to represent the Cryptopia Claimants. Accendos will liaise with the auditors and the lawyers to ensure that the best interests of the Cryptopia claimants are upheld.

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Did you know that the Liquidator…

Still has $4.7 million in cash reserves and is in no hurry to wind up the liquidation (he has reported his fees are $150k per month)

Has no cost-effective solution to be able to return all the coins to all of the wallet holders.

Could apply to the court for a ruling to enable him to dump the majority of coins, or sell them on the market and distribute cash, which would crash the value of many of the Alt coins.

Does not have any suitable infrastructure to aid in the distribution of everyone’s coins. Has no 3rd party representing account holders to keep him accountable.

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