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Spam warning

In the last few months, we have had regular messages from members of the Cryptopia Rescue community saying that someone has contacted them claiming to have the ability to get all of the coins back. This is a scam and will never be true. We know this because we understand the New Zealand Legal system and what the liquidator can or cannot do. Under New Zealand legislation, the liquidator cannot give preference to any specific creditor and must manage the case as a whole.

Currently the spammers methodology is to register with Cryptopia Rescue and then go through and message individual members. Occasionally they have commented on a post on the Facebook Group page which makes it easy to remove the person and block them from the group.

If you do receive such a message, we recommend that you notify us through the Facebook group (

As at this point in time we know that the liquidator requested people who had a claim to register and prove they had some form of entitlement. This did prove problematic after the long period of time. Currently the liquidator is requiring that people who registered with a claim comply with the KYC process through a third party. The Cryptopia Rescue group is still accepting registrations and the team is working hard behind the scenes on the class action to force the liquidator to settle quickly.

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