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Grant Thornton wants to sell your coins to fund their fees.

In November 2020 Grant Thornton made this statement;

As Liquidators, we will not ask you to deposit any further crypto-assets or fiat to return Account Holders' property. To pay funds to another party to supposedly enforce directions we are following is unnecessary.

In September 2020 Grant Thornton made this statem


The Liquidation is currently being funded with company assets. Allocation of costs of returning account holders assets will be subject to further direction from the Court.

Grant Thornton also asked the court in a sworn affidavit for directions to sell the coins of account holders that failed to claim or meet the registration requirements on the liquidator, and the proceeds of those sales be assigned as company property, effectively to further fund the liquidator.

If you cant meet the liquidator criteria, then join Cryptopia Rescue and get your entitlement back the cost effective way.

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