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Good News for Cryptopia Wallet Holders

Finally some good news for Cryptopia Exchange Account Holders. A group has formed to create a class action against the Liquidator, Grant Thornton. Cryptopia Rescue Spokesperson, Victor Cattermole said in a statement that, “The liquidator was proposing to write off more than 50% of the coin holdings. In our alternative plan we have established a relationship with to provide an exchange environment to emulate the Cryptoia model so that all coins can be redistributed.”

The Cryptopia Rescue group is currently working to make connections with as many Cyptopia Exchange Account Holders as possible to create a united group to speak to the Liquidator. In addition to this, the relationship with demonstrates that they have a platform to manage the distribution of the coins.

Cryptopia Exchange suffered a major hack in January 2019 and has not traded since. At that time there were 2.3 million account holders globally. Prior to the hack it is understood that there were $860 million US$ of coins.

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